that takes ovaries story


Seeking submissions of anything YOU have *ever* done—little or big—that was gutsy or audacious. It can be playful, serious, spontaneous, calculated, smart, sexy, and/or an example of leadership. Something that when you think about it today, makes you nod your head with *pride,* or even semi-disbelief, and think, “Wow! I did that!”

This semester we’ve read and been inspired by the contributors to Rivka Solomon’s That Takes Ovaries! collection. Above is her original call for stories. Now it’s YOUR turn to contribute. Write your own That Takes Ovaries! story. As it’s defined in the book, “having ovaries” isn’t about possessing those particular internal sex organs. It’s about identifying as female and having a particular ATTITUDE. So, share a story about something you’ve done that was bold or gutsy—or just something that makes you proud. I know you all have one of those moments, but if you really can’t think of one, talk to me; we still have time to blaze a trail before the semester ends! If you DON’T identify as female, talk to your mom or sister or female friends. Tell them about the book and this project and ask if they have a great story to share with you. OR talk about a time when YOU stood up as an ALLY or ADVOCATE for female-identified folks.

There is no word or page count for this assignment, but I expect that it will take at least one page to thoroughly convey what happened. Observe the conventions of correct writing (i.e. complete sentences, spell checking and proofreading, etc.), since these details reflect an author’s commitment to and respect for good scholarship.