the African Diaspora, history homework help

What, according to Colin Palmer, is the African Diaspora?
How does the concept help us to understand the African past? What is the
difference between the ancient African Diaspora and the modern African
Diaspora? What are the five streams of the African Diaspora?

What is at stake in the argument over whether or not the
Ancient Egyptians should be considered part of African history? What were the
arguments of Anta Diop and Hegel on this matter?

Why are terms like ‘natives’ and ‘tribes’ considered not
only insulting and inappropriate but erroneous when discussing African history?
Why is ‘tribe’ in fact not an adequate or useful category of analysis when it
comes to understanding African history?

How would you compare and contrast the African Diasporas
in the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Mediterranean/Europe?

How would you compare and contrast the highly centralized
and de-centralized West African civilizations? What were some of their major
cultural, political, social and economic institutions?

Trace the geographical spread of the sugar plantation
around the Atlantic world (rim). What impact did it have on Africa, on Europe
and on the Americas?

Compare and contrast the plantation societies of South
America, the Caribbean and North America.