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Analyzing Modern-Day Issues

Write an essay and make sure to to read the directions below; do not forget to use supporting details in at least 350words and cite all sources that you use. You must successfully pass this essay to move on in the course to the next lesson)

The African Environment

Modern Africans still face many of the same environmental issues that their ancestors dealt with. Drought, overuse of land, and desertification are problems that affect the present and will help determine the future.

Use the Internet or magazines to research the ways a current African ethnic group or country is struggling to survive in its environment. Then write a short report of your findings. Remember this should be at least 350 words and cite all of your sources that you use.

  1. Describe the group or country and its current problems and indicate how the people are trying to solve them.
  2. Draw comparisons with problems Africans faced in the past.

This needs to be in essay format.

Ethiopia 2002BBC report on famine conditions in Ethiopia

Drought in Eastern Africa: Background information of the Eastern Africa drought that threatens millions of people with starvation.