The Cold War at Home; Truman’s ‘Fair Deal’, history homework help


1- List THREE different events that helped to create an air of hysteria and fear of communists during the Cold War period.

2- Of all the events listed on this page that did contribute to this anti- communist feeling, which do you think would have been the most disconcerting for Americans at that time? Explain your answer.

3- What are some of the ways in which this anti-communist hysteria showed itself in American society

4-If any of the events described on this page occurred today, do you think today’s society and government would act the same way? Explain your answer.

5- How did Senator Joseph McCarthy gain national fame in 1950?

6- Was his claim about his ‘list’ legitimate? Explain

7- Describe McCarthy’s anti-communist crusade in your own words

8- What role did television (which was a relatively new phenomenon) play in McCarthy’s eventual demise?

9- What role did television (which was a relatively new phenomenon) play in McCarthy’s eventual demise?

10- How did corporate America change in the 1950s?

11- What happened to the American economy in the post-World War II period? Give specific examples

12- What were some of the population trends at this time? (Give specific examples.)

13- Are you familiar with any of the television shows mentioned here that were popular in the 1950s? If so, which ones? How do you know about them? What do you think of them?

14- What was the G.I. Bill?

15- List AT LEAST THREE issues that Truman’s 21-point program tried to address

16- What was people’s criticism of Truman and his attempted policies?

17- Name TWO Truman policies that helped minorities.

18- Name at least two of McCarthy’s targets and explain the way in which he attacked them. Limit your answer to about a paragraph.

19- Write AT LEAST THREE paragraphs describing the most interesting things you learned about Joseph McCarthy.

20- Imagine you are the editor of a newspaper in the 1950s. Using what you’ve learned in this lesson, write an editorial of 3-4 paragraphs that EITHER supports OR condemns McCarthy and his practices. Give specific examples to defend your position