the Disease Concept of Addiction Discussion

I’m studying for my Psychology class and need an explanation.


select a topic from one of the 12 topics listed below. Each of the topics are from a different week in this course. Students will locate a video online which will enhance the learning is this class. Vidoes can come from SAMSHA, NIH, NIMH, YouTube, TedTalks etc.


  1. Provide the URL link for the video
  2. Provide a complete APA formatted citation
  3. Write a brief (3 or 4 sentences only) description of the resource
  4. Videos must be in the public domain
  5. Videos must be no more than 5 years old – i.e. the published date is after 2014
  6. Accessible for anyone with the link
  7. Length of video should be between 10″ and 30″. Could go up to one hour
  8. Videos must be from a credible source. I believe videos from SAMSHA will be credible, what I don’t want is a video from youtube from “Uncle Ralph”

1. Motivational Enhancement
2. Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling
3. The Major Substances of Abuse and the Body
4. How Change Occurs – The wheel of Change
5. Disease Concept of addiction.
6. Behavioral theory of addiction.
7. Sociocultural Theory of addiction.
8. Assessment and Diagnosis
9. Best Treatment Setting
10. Treatment Planning
11. Group Treatment in the Continuum of Care