the empathy diaries and quot necessary edges arts empathy and education quot

Turkle understands the benefits of technology in modern society, however she is growing more concerned with how it is interfering with our making meaningful connections and disrupting the “virtuous circle.” However, this new trend of a “flight from conversation” is increasing and has “led to a crisis of empathy.” This lack of empathic feeling for others prevents personal growth and collaboration necessary for proper functioning of society. Meanwhile Ma, a famous cellist, recognizes the need for more art in the school curriculum which focuses on science, technology, engineering and math or STEM. He believes the arts help with learning empathetic reasoning and specific values that culminate in innovations. In addition, this empathy is a necessity because of the global world and creating societal balance. For this essay please answer: While technology is increasing and changing our connections to each other, and the importance of art is reduced, why is fostering empathy critical to meaningful collaboration in human relationships and society at large?

Thinking Ideas: Is it an obligation to promote empathy?

What role does empathy play in collaboration?

What do we have to do to foster empathy?

How does empathy function in thinking and decision-making?

What is the role of art? What is the roie of technology?

Paper 4 Final due Tuesday, November 26, 2019 (5-6 fully typed pages)