the ethics of living jim crow , history homework help

Make sure you provide direct quotations from the text and page numbers.

1. What are cinders

2. Why does Richard’s mother hit him after he tells her the story of the broken bottle?

3. Exactly why, according to his mom, should he not fight with White folks?

4. How do Morrie and Pease convince him to quit?

5. What is “the worst insult that a Negro can utter to a southern white man”?

6. Why do the folks at home call Richard a fool after this incident?

7. Why do Richard’s next boss and his son beat an old Black woman

8. Why do Richard’s friends call her a “lucky bitch What does this choice of words suggest?

9. Why do white boys offer Richard a ride?

10. Why do they hit him with a bottle

11. Why do they call him a “lucky bastard”? Is this choice of words comparable to the “lucky bitch” expression used before?

12. What is bastardy?

13. What previous writer mentions a situation such as the one involving the bell-boy who patronizes the prostitute? Explain.

rescuers the ethics of living jim crow An Autobiographical Sketch, Richard Wright