The Globalization of Walmart”

  • Refer to “The Globalization of Walmart” on page 255 of your textbook or the attached file.


  1. Answer the 3 questions stated at the end of the case study. (Don’t forget to answer all of the questions fully and clearly) There are a total of six questions that you will need to answer. 3 questions at the end of the case study and 3 concepts explained under point 2 below. Answer each question separately, clearly, and completely. 
  2. Then identify three concepts from Units 1 through 4, that relate to the information in the case study.
    • Briefly explain the concepts
    • Explain how the concepts relate to the case study content
    • Explain how the concepts helped to solve a problem within the case study
  3. Use the APA style – headers and sub-headers
  4. Cite correctly


  • Final document should be at least 3-5 pages, which does not include the cover and reference pages.
  • Paper should be APA format.