The nature of slavery and how slavery affected southern society, (100 words), history homework help

What does this account reveal about the nature of slavery and how slavery affected southern society?

After reading “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” and other stories from research along with watching various movies it is clear that some “Masters” often had sex with their female slaves. They  would see these young girls grow into young ladies and began putting them in awkward positions by having sexual relations with them.There after, They will tell them no to tell anybody and to fear God by obeying their master and tell them to keep it a secret. In most cases, they would threaten to kill them and/or their loved ones should they ever say something and this would often keep them quiet.

The owners of these slaves also, were known to have many children with the female slaves they owned throughout the years and often the owner’s wife would keep quiet about the situation if she was aware. It was on rare occasions that a wife would confront her husband on his findings, mainly for the reason of not losing the comfort she has come to being accustom with.  The female slaves often were worried about what would happen to them and what their loved ones would do if they spoke of what had happened.

 minimum 100 word responce please.