the play is called anna in the tropics by nilo cruz

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the play is called anna in the tropics by nilo cruz

1. Objectives: Pick 3 characters: What is each character’s super objective?

2. Conflicts. Pick 3 characters: What are the characters ’ images of themselves and each other (role conflicts)? Do the characters ’ super-objectives and minor objectives clash with those of other characters (conflicts of objectives)? Where specifically do those conflicts occur? Give an example What complications arise from these conflicts?

3. Will Power. How strongly does each character work to carry out his/her objectives? Is the character’s will steady, does it vacillate or gain or lose strength in certain circumstances? If so, where in the play does it do so…give an example?

7. Relationships. What is the main character relationship? Why? Could any other relationship be interpreted as the main rela-tionship? Why?

Chapter 7

4. Statement of the Main Idea. What is the main idea of the play?