the problem of endangered wildlife 3

Proofread the essay and edit the essay based on the rubric and the feedback below

Feedback :Since the essay is rely too much on the source to the degree that is approaching plagiarism ,your own idea and argument must lead, and you must bring in and engage other sources selectively. The objective of the paper is for you the make a claim and argue it, based on your research. When too much of the paper echoes on one source, or essentially consists overwhelmingly of paraphrase of a source, then you are not really writing your own argument . Your own voice has to lead, paraphrase and direct quotation should be brought in selectively

3. Write at least 10-12 pages, not including your bibliography.

4. Incorporate at least 6 sources from your own research, including 2 that are either peer-reviewed articles or books.

5. Observe academic integrity. Be sure to cite every source you from which you either quote directly or paraphrase information/ideas. You must acknowledge any source you use, even if you have merely summarized evidence from it in your own words. This means you need to cite the source within the body of your paper (including a page number if it is a print source) AND give a full citation for the source in your Works Cited page (or References page if you use APA style). Conversely, don’t cite in your bibliography sources that you did not cite within the body of your paper.

6. Format your entire paper with the correct font size, indented paragraphs, headers, and pagination (page numbers) for your chosen style (MLA. It is helpful to study a sample paper, including the bibliography, and use it as a model.

7. Format your Works Cited or References page correctly, including the title, alphabetizing your entries, and using the appropriate spacing and indentations. Be sure to include all the necessary information for each entry, placing it in the correct order and using the correct abbreviations and formatting.

8. Don’t forget to give your essay a good title, one that indicates your argument and captures the reader’s