the question is in the requirements please dont forget to mention references

Given the four basic organizational design challenges

1. Determining the Level of Vertical and Horizontal Differentiation

2. Balancing Differentiation with Integration

3. Balancing Centralization with Decentralization

4. Balancing Standardization with Mutual Adjustment

choose one and look for a quote from a management guru -preferably one you have been introduced to through your readings and class content (such as Drucker, Deming, or Senge)- that you believe sums up the conflict implicit to the design challenge you chose and/or the opportunities that you recognize as being an integral part of it from your perspective as a manager. In what ways does Netflix (your organization) manage this balance?

Present the quote, attribute it, and then give an explanation as to how this quote addresses in some way the dilemma confronting your organization and your professional context. Please answer in a minimum of 250 words, not including references