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Given the four basic organizational design challenges

1. Determining the Level of Vertical and Horizontal Differentiation

2. Balancing Differentiation with Integration

3. Balancing Centralization with Decentralization

4. Balancing Standardization with Mutual Adjustment

You have been asked by the CEO of your company to perform a briefing as an internal consultant. He has indicated to you that the organization is assessing the viability of entering into a new and emerging market. Furthermore, he has indicated that he wants an analysis that moves beyond Porter’s Five Forces and includes discussion from the organizational development perspective.

Prepare a 15-20 slide PowerPoint report that frames the core deliverable this week: a visual matrix of the four basic organizational design challenges. The presentation should be designed to quickly present to the C-Suite executives the core challenges that will face them as they develop a new business to meet an emerging market.

Additional elements that should be included in this presentation are:

An Executive Summary

The Visual Matrix and discussion of the 4 basic design challenges



Please use speaker notes to ensure that your presentation slides don’t become cluttered