The Transformation of America Discussion Questions

“The Transformation of America” Please respond to the following: USE ONLY THE WEBTEXT AND OTHER COURSE MATERIALS–NO OUTSIDE SOURCES Review the materials shown in Section 1 of this week’s Webtext titled, “The Growth of the Market Economy” then,

in a minimum guideline of 200 words:

  • Briefly describe the Market Revolution and then explain three (3) effects that the following three events had on society: 1) the Market Revolution, 2) Reform Politics and 3) Democracy. Note: You will provide three (3) effects for each event.
  • Next, imagine that you are a farmer or that you are living in an urban area, and provide two (2) reasons as to whether you would be for or against the Market Revolution, reform, and democracy. Provide specific evidence in your response from the text and other course materials. Note: Think about the societal problems, innovations, politics, and factory life during this time period.