the United States and the Cold War 1945-1953, history homework help

After you have read Chapter 23 from Give Me Liberty and watched the video “Superpowers Collide,” please discuss the following question:

Answer the following questions in your original post: How did U.S.
officials use the language of freedom to justify American foreign policy
in the early Cold War? What were the consequences of viewing the Cold
War in such narrow terms as “free and slave”? (You may wish to include,
in your response, commentary on NSC-68’s use of “freedom” in “Voices of
Freedom.”) Did US foreign policy decisions truly uphold the principles
of freedom and democracy? Why or why not?

For your reply, find a classmate who agreeed with your original
assessment of U.S. foreign policy and present the opposite argument. 

Make sure to cite course materials in both posts as directed on the syllabus.