there are 2 questions you can pick from

Assignment: Write a 2-4 page paper over ONE of the following topics.

Topic A: What was the “Market Revolution,” and how did it significantly alter America’s economy from the early to mid-nineteenth century? Subsequently, how did these dynamic economic changes then generate transformations in nearly every other area of life – from politics to the legal system, from family to social and religious values, and from work to recreation? Be sure to describe key factors of the development of a national marketplace (such as the War of 1812, federal support and “new nationalism,” transportation and communications revolutions, the Marshall Court, the role of King Cotton, regional specialization, the rise of factories, etc.). For the second part of the question, be sure to provide a few examples of key changes in other areas as well (such as those from responses intending to bring more order and improvement to lives amidst these upheavals – via politics, social reforms, religion, gender roles, etc.).

OR Topic B: Although a new nation was created under the Constitution in 1789, there were already significant differences between the North and the South that continued to develop through the 1800s. Discuss the evolution of the North and South as distinctive regions economically, socially, and politically. What role did slavery play? How did white southerners enforce slavery and argue its positive aspects? How did these differences contribute to regional and political tensions by the mid19th century?