this competency will allow you to demonstrate your ability and skill in analyzing zero sum games and synthesizing optimal strategies within them 2


A night club owner has just changed ownership and  the new owner has contracted G&B consulting to help decide the  direction the club will take.  Based on the local music scene, it would  make the most sense to book either rock bands or country bands.  The new  owner is aware that a competing night club is hoping to attract new  customers while the new club is getting itself established.  Since these  are the only two night clubs in town competing to book the same bands,  whatever market share is gained by one is lost by the other making this a  zero-sum game.  The new club owner has hired you to find the optimum  strategy for this situation.

What to Submit

To  complete this assignment, you must first download the word document

 Your  step-by-step breakdown of the problems, including explanations, should be  present within the word document provided.