this is a time limited paper that will complete a 700 1000 word paper within 3 hours

Paper 3 is a timed essay. This essay will be written in response to the readings from Week 10:

  • Christian R. Weisser, “Sustainability,” pp. 602–8
  • Robert Paarlberg, “Attention Whole Foods Shoppers,” pp. 610–18
  • David H. Freedman, “Are Engineered Foods Evil?,” pp. 630–38
  • Katherine Gustafson, “School Bus Farmers’ Market,” pp. 657–67

However, the specific topic for Paper 3 will not be announced ahead of time. You will have exactly 3 hours to write Paper 3. This paper should respond to and must utilize quotations from the text, and it should be 700–1,000 words in length. Paper 3 will help students to prepare for the final exam essay, which will also be a timed essay of comparable length. The exam will also be timed. Paper 3 must be completed by Sunday.