three or five pages essay with a powerpoint 5 7 minute answering the flowing question about mobile banking and payments

Hey would like to you answer the fowling question all the question is below look at it

please make sure to apply the topic of Mobile Banking and payments in all the question.

What should you include in my paper & presentation?

1. Define the technology trend

2. What’s the trend, technology or innovation?

3. What Industry will benefit most from the trend?

4. What Industry will be disrupted from the trend?

5. Will the trend create a new industry or segment?

6. What companies (if any) are currently working on the innovation?

7. Create a fictional company and product around the innovation

8. Describe the company in context of major concepts

1. Privacy and Ethics

2 .Telecommunications and Networking

3.Wireless and Mobile

9. Complete a Porter’s 5 Forces of Competition model for the new industry

10. Identify which Strategy your company would use to compete

What should I include in my paper & presentation?

How will this assignment be graded?

• Presentation (20%) ❑ 5% Clarity – was it easy to follow the presentation? Was it well structured? ❑ 5% Creativity – did you find a creative way to present your topic? ❑ 10% Informative – was it clear that you researched the topic? • Paper (80%) ❑ 20% Integration of Knowledge: ▪ Applied concepts learned in the course. Shows analysis and synthesis of ideas. ❑ 15% Topic Focus: ▪ Direction of paper is clear. Statement of purpose or hypothesis). ❑ 15% Depth of Discussion: ▪ Details provided to support points mentioned ❑ 10% Cohesiveness: ▪ Paper flows from one point to next easily ❑ 10% Spelling and Grammar: ▪ Appropriate use of grammar and spelling. ❑ 10% Sources & Citations: ▪ Properly written sources and citations use. Minimum of 2 sources.