“Tim Hortons in India”

::International Marketing::

The final project topic is : “Tim Hortons in India”

Imagine you are planning open Tim Hortons store in India. Do the required International Marketing research.

Find the attached document named “Final Intl Marketing Project Questions”. There are TWO parts. Each part is further divided into multiple sections.

Do the marketing analysis and write your answers for each section topic relevant to your project matter.

The Textbook is attached for your reference. Please make sure all the answers are supporting the textbook theories.

There are HELPFUL NOTEs mentioned for you to understand each part.

In the bottom, I have put together bunch of articles which may help you create your answers.

No plagiarism please. Attached the turnitin report along with the answers.

Academic level English. Accurate grammar and spellings mandatory.

Follow strict APA format.

Use your own logic, rational, understanding and opinions while writing all the answers. Please make sure answers are meaningful.

Write 15-17 pages excluding reference page.