to define the meaning of inclusion accommodations for students and implications for teachers use at least three reputable resources to research along with the source used to define these concepts for english language learners deaf students and add a

Todefine the meaning of inclusion, accommodations for students, and implications for teachers. Use at least threereputable resources to research, along with the source used to define these concepts for English Language Learners, Deaf Students, and ADD/ADHD.

Instructions: Read this checklist AND the instructions in the template. Use the template.

Academic Writing = Use Proof Read Writing checklist!If the assignment is not proof read properly, students can lose up to 10% off the assignment.Write in present tense, third person and do not use contractions.

Format = If the assignment is not in proper format, students can lose up to 10%

â—» Create and attach in a WORD document

â—» Use 2.0line spacing

â—» Maintain format of the template

â—» Remove highlighted instructions

â—» Proper APA parenthetical in-text citationsfor the definitions(at the end of definitions).

â—» Proper in-text citations for inclusion sections. For this assignment, put the in-text citations at the beginning of the section, where there is purple highlighting, by using the first piece of information in References page citation, and the date of publication. Only the date will need parenthesis because this type of citation introduces the information.

â—» Use APA format for the References page.

◻ Title – top of page● Alphabetical Order

â—» Double space

â—» Proper APA style citation, looked up, and not from a citation generator.

50 points: Use this table as a checklist:

Inclusion for Language Learners

3 Accommodations according to template instructions

3 Implications for teachers according to template instructions

Inclusion for Deaf Students

3 Accommodations for students

3 Implications for teachers

Inclusion for ADD/ADHD

3 Accommodations for students

3 Implications for teachers