topic cultural bias in the medical field literature review

This may be a 10-12 page paper.


15-20 sources

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Sections of your Final Project Proposal
1. Introduction
a. What is the “problem”
b. Rationale: why is it important for your audience to know
c. Make clear “statement of problem”, or phrase as a question
d. State the intended format: (eg: this will be a policy memorandum)

2. Background/context
a. What is the history of the problem
b. Who/what are the main players/confounding issues

3. Literature Review
a. What have others argued/researched on your topic?
b. Categorize clusters of studies that corroborate similar themes
4. Methodology
a. Restate your problem/question (eg: The purpose of this study is to…..)
b. Restate your intended format/approach to your study
c. Explain how you will carry out your study
i. Describe where and how you will collect data/evidence
ii. Explain how you will analyze the data/evidence

5. Use of Human Subjects
a. Indicate if you will use human subjects (and if so, include appropriate IRB application)

6. Culminating Experience
a. Briefly explain how this project represents a culminating of your academic program, and how it connects to your current or future professional work.

7. Timeline
a. Chart a timeline of activities for your last semester of work on your final project (this usually involves data collection, data analysis and final write-up)

8. Bibliography