topic for annotated bibliography

Chosen person/topic: Lance Armstrong

  • Choose a certain contemporary figure from popular culture – music, film or television – politics or sports who reveals the elements of tragedy as outlined by ARISTOTLE in his Poetics. See below

Do not choose a person from history. He or she must be contemporary

  • What about this person’s life is heroic? Consider that some achieving people came from poor backgrounds and were able to become hugely successful. Also consider that people achieve heroic greatness by great personal sacrifices and effort.
  • What is this person’s flaw? Remember a flaw is an aspect of character. Drug or alcohol abuse is not a flaw. Why someone abuses these things is a flaw?
  • What is the hero’s downfall? How was his or her life when things were good? What are the details of the downfall? What was the tragic end?
  • Did the hero have recognition? In public? Private? If not, you may consider the recognition of others who knew the hero.
  • Topics are on a first come, first served basis. Once a topic is taken no one else in the class can use it.
  • This is due before NOV 2. You must submit a topic to me directly in class or by email.
  • It may be wise to choose three topics in case others have already been taken.