Topic: LGPTQ+

Topic: LGPTQ+

This is the instructions that were provided:

Note the following:

1. You are writing an essay, not a transcript. Write a coherent narrative (story) about what you learned in the interview and add relevant information from your two articles at points in the essay that make sense.

2. Add a list of the particular questions you asked, including the questions you added relevant to your topic at the end of the paper – just the questions, not the answers.

See the “You’ll need to add at least 3 questions” section below.

Your task for this paper is to interview of a person of African descent about their family – focusing on a particular topic you’re exploring using your journal articles.

Identify someone to interview who:

  1. Is NOT a member of your own family
  2. Is a person of African descent
  3. Can spend at least ½ hour with you

Obtain her/his permission to be interviewed and to have the interview audio-recorded, if possible, using the consent form below. If they don’t consent to be recorded, you’ll need to take thorough, detailed notes.

Conduct an interview of at least ½ hour, incorporating at least 5 of the questions listed below. Add several questions related to the topic you’re interested in. You’ll discuss whether or not what you learn about the family of the person you interview corroborates/lines up with what you read in your journal articles. In other words, how similar are the experiences of your interviewee and the conclusions reached by the authors on the topic you’re interested in?


  1. Include at least three JOURNAL articles about the topic you’re interested in. Discuss the articles briefly, and analyze how they are related to the family of the individual you interviewed. I can help you find articles, and/or the reference librarians can help you online or in person. Note: Be sure to use articles that are no more than 10 years old.
  2. The goal is to weave the information from the journals into the narrative about the family. You want to tell a story about the family using the point of view of the individual you interviewed and the insights of scholars who have studied African descent families.
  3. You don’t need to provide a transcript of your interview, just discuss what you learned in the body of your essay.


  1. Write a solid essay with a beginning, a middle, and an end. You’ll need substantive introductory and concluding paragraphs, and a strong thesis statement that states the focus of your essay.
  2. Your paper should be about 5 double spaced pages, 1-inch margins, 12 point font, with page numbers.
  3. Proofread your paper carefully. Be sure to run the spelling/grammar checker and review and resolve any words underlined in blue or red. Your final document shouldn’t have any words underlined in blue or red.

Possible Questions:

  1. How important are cultural traditions in your family? Please describe a tradition and how it began.
  2. How important is African heritage in your family? Do you have any practices or rituals that seek to draw you closer to your African ancestry?
  3. What do you see as the strengths of your family?
  4. How important is religion/spirituality in your family?
  5. What are the most important values in your family?
  6. Were racial identity or racial pride a part of your upbringing?
  7. What can you share about why your family moved from its original location to New York?
  8. Were you taught about racism when you were growing up? If so, please describe what you were taught.
  9. What advice would you offer to college students about how to build strong families?

You’ll need to add at least 3 questions related to your topic. For example,

  • If you’re interested in role flexibility, one of the characteristics Hill described, you’d need to ask how people in the family divided up tasks inflexible, non-stereotypical ways, and played different roles when needed.
  • If you want to explore single-parent families headed by fathers, you’d find someone to interview whose family has a single father and articles on the same topic, and add questions related to single-parent families headed by fathers.


40 points – Content of the essay, the extent to which you addressed the goals of the assignment: telling the story of your interviewee’s family, and comparing it to the scholarship on an issue relevant to his/her family.

35 points – Selection and use of your journal articles. You should weave important elements of your articles into your essay.

10 points – Grammar, word usage, sentence structure, paragraph structure, introductory sentences, concluding sentences.

10 points – In-text citations, paraphrasing of content of articles, avoidance of plagiarism.

5 points – APA style reference list.

I already did the interview part of this assignment. It will be uploaded. The only thing that is missing is the two articles regarding the topic and the essay itself. Also if its no trouble, please provide an outline the paper as well.