Topic Marriage Equality

Topic Marriage Equality

Explain why you chose it. 750 words

(2) Who has social responsibility to solve the issue in the U.S.?

(federal/States/local/companies)? Why? How could individuals in the U.S. contribute to solve the issue?

(3) How could we get involved? Why should we be? (Social and Personal


• Format: Times New Roman, 12 point, double-space, 1-inch margin, Chicago Manual

Style (CMS) – Author-Date.

Paper Assignment Guidelines

• Format: Chicago Manual Style (CMS) – Author-Date (AD) or APA

• Times New Roman

• 12 point

• Double-spaced

• 1-inch margins

• Microsoft WORD file format (.doc or .docx)

• Include a title page and a reference page

• When you cite, use a direct or indirect quote, but you can only use ONE direct quote per paper.

• Insert citations

• Do not use subtitles

• You can use the following sources as citations:

• Academic journal articles

• Newspaper articles

• Data and articles from government websites or research institutes such as Pew

Research Center


• You CANNOT use the following sources as citations:

• Wikipedia


• Any other blogs, non-academic websites

• Editorial page in newspaper

• You CANNOT use or cite papers you wrote before.