Towson University Colonization Discussion

In 2-3 sentences answer the questions below. These are all big questions found in HIST 105 lecture, please use your notes for answers.

Big Question Assignment

  1. Who were the First Americans?
  2. What factors motivated the Portuguese, Spanish, French and Dutch exploration of the new world?
  3. Why were Europeans successful in dominating the natives they encountered?
  4. What was England’s motivation for exploring the New World?
  5. How were those motivations similar to or different from those of other European Countries?
  6. How was English Settlement Distinctive in different regions of the North American colonies?
  7. How was slavery established and practiced in England’s North American colonies?
  8. How and why did colonists sense of identity change before 1764?
  9. Did the American Revolution preserve the social order or change it?
  10. How and why did the colonists win the War for Independence?