Focus on one faith tradition, or, if not using a specific tradition, specify and describe the transpersonal strength(s).
Apply the tenets of the tradition (as consistently taught, but also personally understood) to the healing of either depression, anxiety, relationship dysfunction or trauma.
Explain both how the tradition would formulate the pathology and what interventions it proposes.
Explain how the stage of one’s faith development affects its therapeutic efficacy.
Use at least three sources (can include the course texts) to strengthen your approach. Use of field studies will be worth bonus points.
Explain how a therapist would ethically help a client access and apply their transpersonal strengths.
Update – Here is how you might conceive of this paper in terms of human diversity:How can (specific) transpersonal strengths help a client to address the long-term, repetitive trauma of oppression? How can a therapist’s (specific) transpersonal strengths, and the further development of those strengths, help the therapist build more effective therapeutic alliances with clients and inform therapeutic interventions (under any theory of counseling).