Troy University Health Concepts Discussion

Write a PICO(T) question on any subject related to health that interests you.

Complete and upload this assignment as a WORD document as indicated:

1. student name

2. PICO(T) question- make sure it’s written correctly- one specific population (P), one intervention (I), one comparison (C) or perhaps no comparison, one outcome (O).

3. to to PUBMED in the Troy library (log in); set the limits as indicated above and type PICO terms in the search box. Use Boolean operators as needed.

4. make a screen shot of your results (include date/time on your computer screen); copy and paste this for number 4

5. look through the articles and select the best one that answers your PICO question. Make a screen shot of the abstract and post it for number 5

6. Restate your PICO question and your answer based on the information provided in the article/abstract