Two-Dimensional Skills Inventory

Two-Dimensional Skills Inventory

LDRS 432 (SP20) Dr. Kush

Instructions: Go through the list of skills. Classify each skill two ways:

1. By YOUR LEVEL OF PROFICIENCY (Pro.) IN performing the SKILL; and

2. By your LEVEL OF ENJOYMENT (Enj.) IN performing the SKILL.

· = Total


SKILL #1 #2 #3 SKILL #1 #2 #3 SKILL #1 #2 #3
  Pro. Enj. T   Enj. Pro. T   Enj. Pro. T
Accounting       Generate Ideas       Poise      
Acting       Helpfulness       Problem Solving      
Adventurous       Honesty       Promoting      
Analyzing       Hospitality       Public Speaking      
Assertiveness       Initiative       Reading      
Detailed       Interview for Information       Relating      
Awareness       Initiate Change       Reliability      
Building Things       Innovating       Researching      
Calculating       Kindness       Resolving Conflict      
Calmness       Leading       Resourcefulness      
Cheerfulness       Managing       Mechanical Skills      
Compiling       Merchandising       Implement Plans      
Composing       Motivating       Portray Images      
Computing       Physical Coordination       Act as Liaison      
Concentration       Negotiating       Plant/Cultivate      
Coordinating       Produce Skilled Crafts       Observe      
Counselling       Mediate       Care for Animals      
Courage       Logistics       Maintain Records      
Creating       Prepare Foods       Treat/Nurse      
Classify       Chef       Test/Measure      
Decisiveness       Monitor       Self-Confidence      
Designing       Intuitive       Self-Reliance      

      Proofread/Edit       Self-Control      
Dynamism (high energy)       Carpentry       Sell      
Easygoingness       Computer Programing       Sense of Humor      
Emphatic       Data Collection       Serving Others      
Enthusiasm       Data Analysis       Sincerity      
Evaluating People       Writing Code       Spontaneity      
Expedite       Gamming       Supervising      
Entertain/Perform       Open-mindedness       Synthesizing      
Evaluate Quality       Optimistic       Tactfulness      
Estimate       Orderly       Teaching      
Budget       Organizing       Thoroughness      
Deal with other’s Feelings       Patience       Tolerance      
Flexibility       Perform Under Pressure       Training      
Follow Directions       Persuading       Visualize      
Generosity       Planning       Write      



Two-Dimensional Skills Inventory


LDRS 432 (SP20) Dr. Kush




1. Evaluate each of the skills listed as follows:


Column #1Proficiency


· On a scale of 1 – 3 evaluate the skill for the LEVEL of Proficiency you have in performing the skill. As follows:


2 3



Little or No Skill Competent Highly Proficient




· On a scale of 1 – 5 evaluate the skill for the LEVEL of personal Enjoyment you receive in performing the skill.


2 3 4 5



Strongly Prefer NOT Like Using Enjoy Using Totally

DISLIKE to USE Very Much Delight IN



2. For each skill Total the values you assigned as follows:


Column #3Total


· For each skill add the value you assigned in Column #1 to the value you assigned in Column #2 to achieve a sum value for each skill.


3. Circle those skills for which the total value is 8. If you have less than ten skills that have a total value of 8, circle those skills for which you scored a 7. These skills are those that you want to consider when searching for occupations and career fields that tend to be a best fit for you.