two discussion post 3

2 discussion post

Discussion 1

One-Sample or Independent Samples t Test

Think about a study you would like to explore that concerns organizational or social issues and could be analyzed with a one-sample or independent samples t test. Answer the following:

  • Explain the issue you would like to study
  • Explain which type of t test would fit your design.
  • List the null hypothesis.
  • List the research or alternative hypothesis.
  • Explain what you expect to find if you ran the study.
  • Explain what decision you would make about the hypothesis.
  • Explain what a 95 percent or 99 percent confidence interval of the mean would tell us for this study.

Discussion 2

Post something to the discussion board related to the content we are exploring this week. For each post, be succinct, using no more than 75 words. Also feel free to explore the features of Yellowdig, such as the ability to embed videos and pictures, create polls, use hashtags, like or love a post, and so on.

Here are some ideas for your pin (post) to get you started:

  • Find a short video or article about vision and the brain. Share the link to your source and a short summary of the source. Include why you found the resource helpful to your understanding.
  • Discuss an area of vision and visual perception in Chapter 10 that stood out to you. Why was this information important to you? Can you see it affecting your personal or professional life?
  • Find an article about vision and the brain in the popular press (such as The New York Times, CNN, Psychology Today). Share a link to your source and a short summary of the source. Discuss why this made the news and why it is important.
  • Find a video about the Stroop effect, the speed of processing hypothesis, or the selective attention hypothesis. Share the link and a short summary. Also, share what stood out to you the most or surprised you.