two interesting visualizations assignment 2

Find two visualizations of data from a domain that is of interest to you (health, politics, finance, economics, world demographics, sports, etc etc etc). They can be information presentations (static) or information visualizations (interactive). For each visualization, do a one page write-up. Each one-pager should have the visualization (about half the page) and then:

1. What message(s) the visualization is intend to convey.

2. A critique of the visualization – both pros and cons – ways in which the visualization does a good job, ways in which it could be improved.

Share the visualizations you found by posting them on your Web site along with your critique. Email your instructor when finished.

Think of this assignment as a first step in identifying a potential project, which is why I suggest that you be interested in the type of data being portrayed.

Click link to open resource.(Either use any of the 2 examples in the given link or treat them as reference and come up with 2 samples of random data)

Attached is the excel sheet with example of how the visualized data must finally be submitted. I would expect 2 excel sheets similar to this from the data in the link above or any random data if convenient.