U.S History Discussion The League of Nations, writing homework help

preparation for our discussion be sure to read Chapter 19: “American Empire” and Chapter 21: “World War I and its Aftermath” in The American
along with the following primary sources: Wilson, W. (1917), Peace Without Victory,
Woodrow, W. (1918), The Fourteen Points, and
Goldman, E. (1917), We Don’t Believe in Conscription. You may also want to take
a look at the World War I Propaganda Posters.

additional, examine the editorial cartoon above, originally from the New
York Herald
, from September 1919, or a larger version of the cartoon.
The cartoon depicts the base of the Statue of Liberty with a representation of
a Hindu goddess (Kali). The wording on the cartoon reads: “This may be a
better goddess than liberty—but we’ll have to be shown
” and the wording on
the statue reads “League of Nations.”

Then, in an
initial post of approximately 270 words, using specific evidence from
the primary sources, and readings listed above, answer the following questions:

  • Given that the US was on the
    winning side of World War One and was one of the main leaders at the
    Versailles peace talks, why does this cartoon depict the League of Nations
  • Consider the domestic and
    foreign events of the time period. What else may have factored into this
    skepticism about President Wilson’s cherished foreign policy objectives?

    Your initial post must substantively integrate evidence from the assigned
    readings, including at least two full citations in proper APA or Chicago style.