UCF ?History from The Top Down & History from The Bottom up Discussion

Historians often distinguish between “history from the top down” and “history from the bottom up.” History from the top down focuses on leaders and elites: presidents, politicians, military officers, and the like. History from the bottom up focuses on common people: average citizens, racial minorities, immigrants, women and children.

In studying the history of the 1960s, which is more important: history from the top down or history from the bottom up? Who had a greater effect on the course of American history in this period, the nation’s leaders or its regular citizens?

write a 200-word discussion board post in response to the prompt. In your response, you must quote or make reference to at least one of the documents assigned for reading in this module.

you must post a 50-word substantive response to one of your classmates’ posts.

Required reading: Voices of Freedom

  • Document 174 – John F. Kennedy, Speech on Civil Rights (1963)
  • Document 175 – Malcolm X, The Ballot or the Bullet (1964)
  • Document 176 – Barry Goldwater on “Extremism in Defense of Liberty” (1964)
  • Document 178 – The Port Huron Statement (1962)
  • Document 179 – Paul Potter on the Antiwar Movement (1965)
  • Document 180 – The National Organization for Women (1966)
  • Document 181 – César Chavez, “Letter from Delano” (1969)