UMGC Health Care Marketing Discussion

Discussion1: Whether or not “we pay” or our insurance company pays, or another third person pays for our health care, I am still in charge of making the decision as to when, where, how and why to seek out health services. Seeking a health service has became a tool for understanding how I engage with the health care systems in their respective sociology-cultural, economic and demographic circumstances. Health insurance, local care options, and a source of care help me to ensure access to health care. Having access to care allows me to enter the health care system, find care easily and locally, pay for care, and get their health needs met. Also health care services is important for promoting and maintaining health, preventing and managing disease, reducing unnecessary disability and premature death.

Many factors influence my decision to buy specific products and services. Internal factors, such as my habit and personal taste. My important external factor that influences my purchasing decision media. Television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and the internal are all forms of media. Many health products and services are promoted through advertising. Advertising is a written or spoken media designed to interest consumers purchasing a service. Advertisements provide information that can help me make purchasing decision.


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Discussion2: Health care services means any medical or remedial care or service, including supplies delivered in connection with care or service (health care services (n.d.)). I personally am not influenced by the media and am more influenced by my personal needs. I typically comparison shop when looking for health coverage and when looking for a provider. I want to make sure I get the best coverage suitable to my needs and a provider who cares about their patients needs. When deciding on a health service I typically do my research on how beneficial the service (provider, insurance, prescriptions) will be to me. When comparing the different plans it is important to look for a summary of benefits. Online markets will provide a summary and show costs near the plans title. Before I decide on an exact health insurance I like to evaluate my health and think about how much coverage I will need and how much the insurance company will cover. I also like to look at the provider directory to see if the providers I like to visit are in network.


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