Umon’hon’ti to the Omaha?, history assignment help

Based on this video…

Please answer these questions


1. What is the significance of Umon’hon’ti to the Omaha? What are its origins?

2. What was the controversy surrounding the taking of the Sacred Pole to the Peabody?

3. Do you think Yellow Smoke did the right thing?

4. What were the motives of Fletcher and La Flesche?

5. Do you think Fletcher and La Flesche acted honorably?

6. How can Umon’hon’ti be living person?

7. How did the Omaha react on the return of the pole?

8. What was the response of museum officials to the Omaha request for the return of the pole and other objects?

9. How did the museum officials’ attitudes change through time?

10. In what context was the word “pedigree” used in the film? When is the word pedigree normally used?

11. When American Indians demand their sacred items returned is it right for them to then do with these items as they want? Why or Why not?