unit 7 discussion questions 1

***Below, there are two discussion questions. Write a 250 word response for each.

Discussion Question 1)

What is a Theoretical Perspective and why is it necessary within a research case study?

What is the theoretical perspective of your research case study?

Discussion Question 2)

Why must a research proposal be well-organized and divided with major sections, subsections, and sub-components within subsections? Be specific and give examples.

Helpful Resources:

Read Kumar chapter 3 ‘Reviewing the literature’ and‘Develop a theoretical framework’; Salkind chapter 1 ‘What Research Is and What it isn’t-theory’, ‘Reconsidering the Theory’, 3A ‘Reviewing the Literature’, Using Secondary Sources-Reviews and Syntheses of Literature’, ‘Reading and Evaluating Research’, ‘Searching Online’,‘Writing the Literature Review.

Read Proverbs 2:2-11, 3:35, 14:8, and 15:14