unit reflection about california coastlines

Professor’s Instructions:

California has many coastlines with wave-cut cliffs, wave-cut platforms, and marine terraces. Describe the processes (both oceanic and tectonic) that have created coastlines with these features (in your own words)? What evidence might you find to show that some of these areas along the coastline are marine terraces (parts of the coastline that have been uplifted above sea level)?

You must use TWO (no more/no less) quotes (include page numbers for each quote) from the textbook to support your answer to this reflection question.

Please note that your quotes CANNOT constitute more than two sentences of your answer (i.e., find two one-sentence quotes and frame your answer around these quotes). Your answer must be at least 3 paragraphs, at least 5 sentences each paragraph, and free of spelling and grammar errors.

You may research this topic as you like..however please be sure to use two quotes from the textbook. I will be providing pictures of the section from the textbook below. Thank you and feel free to ask any questions 🙂