University of Illinois at Chicago Health Research Program Evaluation Paper

Hi I need a paper done for my Health Program Evaluation class. This paper has to be 4 pages with APA formatting and citations. This paper has SPECIFIC requirements that I will include that need to fulfilled. I will list all requirements and details below. You will need to research this program including the links I provide and fulfill each of the requirements. This paper cannot include quotes and please do NOT plagiarize. Please let me know if you have any questions, Thanks! 

The Program that needs to be evaluated is the Produce Prescription Program for Hypertension in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. A little detail about this program is that Partners in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, developed the Produce Prescription Program for Hypertension to connect residents in need to healthy eating information and resources. Over 600 low-income patients with high blood pressure have better access to nutrition education and affordable produce. 

The links are here:      and

Requirements for each part of the paper: 

Introduction: Describes the DCH program and community selected for the evaluation and the public health issue addressed by the program, includes a logic model for the program components, and identifies community stakeholders. 

Overview of the Issue: Provides an overview of the issue targeted by the selected program, including the affected community with support from current published literature about any relevant programs, evaluations, campaigns

Accomplish: Discusses what will be accomplished or determined by conducting an evaluation of the selected program and what audience(s) this evaluation would be most relevant for and how

Goals: Develops goals for conducting the evaluation that are justified using current published literature

Social Theories or Health Behavior Models: Explains the social theories or health behavior models that apply to the selected program and affected community with support from specific examples from credible sources

Health Disparities: Describes how health disparities in the selected community will impact the conduct of the program evaluation

Social Determinants of Health: Describes how the social determinants of the health within the selected community will impact the conduct of the program evaluation