University of Phoenix Qualitative Research Methods Research Paper

Combine your Interview Protocol and Observational Guide into 1 cohesive document. Incorporate your instructor’s feedback into the final draft.

Part 1: Interview Protocol (4–6 pages)

  • Central guiding research question
  • Target population and sampling plan
    • Include estimated size of final sample
  • Type of interview with rationale
    • Semistructured
    • Responsive
    • Narrative
  • Format and schedule of interview questions
    • Main questions
    • Follow-up questions
    • Probes
    • Neutral prompts
  • Planned location and estimated length of interview process
  • Plans for the following:
    • Recording and transcription
    • Field notes
  • Proposed analysis model and detailed plan for establishing reliability of your coding process outcomes
    • Cite the methodologist

Part 2: Observational Guide (4–6 pages)

  • Central guiding research question
  • Target group and setting
  • Investigator relationship to the target group and setting
  • Consider the available sources of data (social actions, talk, archival records, etc.).
    • List and organize the anticipated puzzlements and jottings
    • List 2–3 specific observations that you will need to make.
    • List 3–4 main questions to guide your conversation with individuals.
      • Include 1–2 probes for each main question.
    • What archival records will you seek?
  • Description of the planned structure and format for recording your field notes
  • Proposed analysis model and a detailed plan for the presentation of your observational results
    • Cite the methodologist