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In Chapter 16 of Foner’s “Voices of Freedom,” you were asked to read

Doc. 102: William Graham Sumner on Social Darwinism and Doc. 106 Walter

Rauschenbusch and the Social Gospel. After reading Chapter 16 in Foner’s

“Give me Liberty!,” looking over the Ch. 16 Power Point, and reading

these documents, imagine that Sumner and Rauschenbusch are sitting

together in a room discussing the affects of industrialization which

include class divisions, lack of rights for workers, inequality, and


In your original post, adopt the persona of either Sumner or

Rauschenbusch. Describe how that man would have felt about these issues

mentioned above. Would they have proposed solutions to these problems?

If so, why and how? And if not, why not? (It may help you to consider

the following questions when thinking about how to answer the discusson

prompt : How did the elite differ from the urban and rural poor on the

following questions: What social conditions make freedom possible? What

role should the government play in defining and protecting the liberties

of its citizens?)

For your reply, find a classmate who adopted the same persona as you

did in your original post. Adopt the persona of the opposite character

and refute the arguments they made.