US Military History, 3 Questions

*Must be 350 words minimum.  APA format references cited correctly 

1. How did military policies and goals change after the Civil War?  How were these policies and goals reflected in military changes and in the role of soldiers?  How did renewed and continuing warfare with Native Americans initiate changes in policies and goals and in the application of warfare?

2. What military policies and goals were reflected by America’s 1898 war with Spain?  Why did the U.S. annex the Philippines?  How did this lead to another war?  What type of warfare do we see in the war in the Philippines?

3. What were the reasons for increased American military preparedness in the early twentieth century?  What changes resulted in the military and in soldiers as a result of increased preparedness?  …as a result of modernization?  Explain this statement found on page 334 of For the Common Defense: …”the United States had a declaratory policy of military modernization and national defense, but it had a military establishment still wedded to imperial policing.”