use the anthropometric data

Use the anthropometric data (excel file attached here or in group area – anthropometric measurements). If you use pdf type the data in a data sheet i.e. excel or google sheet or use the attached excel file and populate with data from the pdf. In each measure column add all groups data. Plot each measure i.e. height as we talked in class. You can rearrange the data in ascending or descending order if you find it easier (click on data tab A->Z or Z->A). On the Y axis use number or how many people are in the corresponding measure range i.e. height 160-161 cm. In a descending rearranged column, you can see how many people have the same numbers measured or are very close within the range. Plot this by hand on paper scan and attach to your report document. Also use graphing in excel or google sheets and plot a bar

graph. Here is how:

1 select a column that represent a measure i.e. height

2 click “insert”: tab in both excel and google sheets

3 in excel you will see types of charts and you need to pick bar charts “statistics” then “histogram”; in google: drop menu chart then after the chart you is shown you will see a menu for the chart and “chart type” click and change to “histogram”

4 research properties of the chart and make it by your choice to look closer to a bell shape or normal distribution plot, you can rearrange the number of bars and ranges -thickness of the bars (bins)

Use each measurement set and graph it as histogram. In order to see the effect of number of samples add your data for the height to the last 2018 and 2017 semesters included in the attached excel file. Build a histogram with the all 2017 2018 and 2019 data and compare with your class height measurements only.

Create a word file to insert the graphs. For each graph comment if you find it close to bell curve shape. Use a word doc file or google doc with a title and authors to overview and comment on the whole set of graphs and speculate about reasons not to see exactly a bell curve. Insert the data sheet and graphs in the comment file (simply copy paste) and save as a PDF. Use the following filename:

2019FLL-ErgoAntropo-lastname.pdf. This is our report and should be your submission file.

Each graph (6 graphs for 2019 and height graph for 2017-2019 combined) plot and comment on bell shape

As an appendix all excel data as a table pasted in the word file

Comments and analysis of the data

All submitted as a single PDF file with proper name

do not make Same file for the group or same text word by word in the body text report .

Not a single pdf file report

do not Missing title and author

Anthropometric measurement .xlsx