UT Subclinical Hypothyroidisms Paper

Review the following association’s resources:

Write a message discussing the evidence-based guidelines related to the disease process and how they can assist you when making decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances.

Or answer one of the following questions using evidence-based research:

  • What would your work-up include if you suspected PCOS? How would you treat PCOS? What would your work-up for hormone imbalance include?
  • What controversies surround subclinical hypothyroidism? What if you treated it? How would you consider treating it? What complications of treatment might you expect? How would you address these complications?
  • How would the age of a patient affect the birth control method you prescribe? Explain your response and provide examples of the birth control method you would prescribe for various age groups.
  • What are the various thyroid replacement options, such as Armour® versus Synthroid®? How would you select one over the other?