UWF Water Quality in the Indian River Lagoon Case Study

Learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate proficiency with data visualization using the 3D Maps feature in Microsoft Excel

Access Microsoft Excel


First, use the resource above to familiarize yourself with how to access Microsoft Excel at UWF.

NOTE: To complete the 3D Maps assignments in this course, you will need to access a Windows version of Excel (version 2016 or higher).

Assignment with 3D maps in Microsoft Excel


Now, complete the assignment outlined in the provided instructions.

This assignment is graded – you will submit the items below to earn credit for your work.


To complete this section:

Please complete these items:

  • Upload these two files containing the requirements indicated in the assignment link above to the UPLOAD: Excel 3D Maps for PROJECT H2O (1 Excel file + 1 MP4 file) area (under Assignments):
    • Excel Maps Project H2O.xlsx (containing the table you created from the provided data and settings for the video file you created)
    • Lastname-Project H2O.MP4 file (<60 sec, containing the video file you created)

Critical Thinking with your Peers

Resources (repeated from earlier section of this module):

To conclude the case study, post to the My future planning ideas for Project H20 DISCUSSION area. Please include these items in your posting:

  • ITEM 1, confidentiality (2 points): Should Mallory be concerned about employing any steps noted in the module resources to ensure confidentiality of the spatial data she is using? If so, why, and which methods do you recommend? Include at least one APA in-text citation within your answer to justify your response based on the articles linked in this module.
  • ITEM 2, space-time representation (2 points): After the first year of Mallory’s outreach, how might she consider the concept of the “space-time representation” noted in the module resources? For your answer, think about location information that could tracked and displayed with associated date information. Go back to the references linked above, and include at least one APA in-text citation within your answer to justify your response based on the articles linked in this module.
  • ITEM 3, new visualizations (2 points): If Mallory did incorporate a space-time (i.e., location-date) component to her 3D Maps, what fields could she add to the Excel workbook, and how do you recommend she use them when developing new visualizations? For your answer, think about Mallory’s goals in the case study.
  • ITEM 4, references (2 points): Include the references in APA format that match the APA in-text citations from ITEMS 1-3.