VBS Script Project

Question Description

Create a VBScript script (w2_firstname_lastname.vbs) that takes 3 parameters (numbers)

1) Print the sum of three numbers

2) Print the average of the three numbers

Optionally, you can save the results into a file “Results.txt” using the redirection operator or by creating the file in the script.

4) Make sure to include comment block (flowerbox) in your code.

5) Sample run:-

C:\entd261>cscript.exe w2_sammy_abaza.vbs 2 3 5 > results.txt

Submit your work in w2_firstname_lastname.txt (Please save the file as a text file and upload the text file here for final review.)

Requirements Points
Comment block (flowerbox) with Instructions on how to run the code with examples. 20
Code documentation and comments. 10
Assignment code including creating command line parameter 70