Voices of Freedom, history assignment help

+ Required Textbook : Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History, vol. 2 (4th edition).

I dont have a textbook so please make sure that you have it before we can work together

+ First, choose one of the primary sources from this week’s unit (either a document from Voices of Freedom or one that is posted to the week’s Blackboard folder). This can be the document or film you found to be most interesting, challenging, provocative, etc. This week’s options are:

  1. VOF 116, Ryan, A Living Wage
  2. VOF 118, Sanger on “Free Motherhood”
  3. VOF 124, Catt Address to Congress
  4. VOF 122, Wilson, A World Safe for Democracy
  5. VOF 137, Letter to Secretary of Labor
  6. VOF 138, Steinbeck, The Harvest Gypsies

Direction: Write the name of the source you have chosen at the top of your post. Then, in 250-300 words, analyze the source through the lens of “freedom.” Does a group of Americans (or others) gain freedoms? Attempt to gain freedoms? Lose freedoms? Experience a conflict over freedoms? Do not use any direct quotes. I want to read your own words.