Waldorf University Physical Therapy Questions

I want you to make up a scenario in your current field (physical therapy, personal training, strength coach, OT) where a client or athlete needs your expertise to help with a priority goal they may desire. The priority goal may be an injury, an imbalance with agonist/ antagonist muscle group, a current surgery, or some sort of health issue. You can make the priority goal whatever you want.

In a real-life scenario, you may work with a client(s) or athlete(s) for several months or more. In this case, you will ONLY be with this client(s) and athlete(s) for a total of 4-6 weeks.

Your training program(energy system) must correlate with the correct volume, intensity, rest intervals, training systems that you will use. If it doesn’t, points will be deducted. This also refers back to the energy systems we talked about.

I want you to be creative and apply what we’ve talked discussed in our last 2 lectures.

You may design this assignment however you like as long as all the following bullet points below are addressed

What is the priority goal?

Which desired outcome will you use (Power, strength, hypertrophy, muscular endurance) to help improve/better the priority goal?

Which training system(s) could you use to help improve/better the priority goal? (super-sets. Complex sets, etc…) Each training system must correlate with the desired outcome you will use?

The intensity (weight or other variables) you may use

  • The total amount of volume(reps) you will use

Which exercises or movements will you incorporate?

  • How many times a week will you the individual?

Give a summary of your program. Who is the client(s) you will be working with? Name some potential benefits that this person will see as result of the program you have designed. What are some other training systems you would use if you had more time to work with this specific client(s)Why did you use this particular training system(s) for this scenario? (Go into detail and be specific with you reason.)