Wall Street Journal Article Data Breaches Summary

Summarize TWO article from the Wall Street Journal or other national publication that has a and legal issue and explain how it affects business. You might want to do this in Microsoft Word and then past your answer into the Catalyst box below. Use your own words, do not express your opinion – simply report on what the article says and indicate how it affects business. Indicate the title of the article, and date it appeared in the journal. Make sure it is a recent article (within the last two weeks)

Here is my last time homework that got full credit: (write two summary like this is good)

Title of the article: Epic judge permanently restrains Apple from blocking Unreal Engine, but won’t force Fortnite. Oct 9, 2020

Epic asked the court to force Apple to restore Fortnite on the App Store, but the court refused. However, the court prevented Apple from “retaliating” against the company by prosecuting Epic’s Unreal Engine.

August 13: Epic launched a new direct payment system in Fortnite to circumvent Apple’s 30% fee. Apple kicked Fortnite out of the App Store for violating its rules. August 24th: Epic wins temporary restraining order against Apple. Apple can’t terminate Epic’s developer account, but that the iPhone maker does not have to restore Fortnite to the App Store. September 8: Apple sued Epic for damages for breach of contract.

September 28th: Judge Rogers hears arguments from both Epic and Apple, and recommends a jury trial to settle the case in July.


If the judge decides that Apple wins, Apple Developer may continue paying the 30% Apple app store fee. On the contrary, if the judge decides that Epic wins, Apple may lower the Apple app store fee, so do the Android platform.