Week 2 Mandala and Contemporary Environment Essay

Create a mandala using Wallis’ Whole Brain Creative Process and write an essay explaining the five (5) “excellencies” or parts of the mandala:

  1. the teacher,
  2. the message,
  3. the audience,
  4. the site, and
  5. the time.

Explain where and when it takes place and how it reflects your personal values.

  • What is your goal or message?
  • How will you proceed to achieve it?
  • Who will support you?
  • What will you need?
  • Where or when does it take place?
  • What do the symbols mean?
  • What did it reveal when you were finished?
  • hat did you learn?

Utilize the steps in the Whole Brain Creative Process to assist you with this assignment and explain the process in your essay. After you create your mandala, photograph it, and attach your photo along with an essay on your mandala. You may make it out of any medium, e.g., paper, wood, glass, etc.

Essay Requirements:

  • minimum of 1 full page
  • include a title page
  • 1″ margins on all sides
  • double spaced
  • 12 point Times New Roman font
  • in-text citations and a references page, using APA formatting when necessary