week 8 discussion adding new resources to your project

  • Week 8 Discussion: Adding New Resources to Your Project
  • You have added some new staff, including an outside partner to your project team, to help you reach your new deadline. They have very little understanding of your project and you don’t have a lot of time to educate them on the project’s specifics. Describe how you plan to incorporate them as members of your project as well as how to get them up to speed on your project.

Peers Response

Peter Heinlein

RE: Week 8 Discussion: Adding New Resources to Your Project

With the addition of new personnel to the team I would try and get to know them so that I can understand their specific talents so that they can be paired up with someone that would compliment each other additionally, I would pair them up with veteran members to ensure that they are brought up to speed quickly and have their questions answered correctly. I would task the outside partner with parts of the major project that are critical to the success and items that we have identified that would be overlapped or worked simultaneously.